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National Committee Meeting of NTUC concludes today

Published Date: 2015-12-04 13:24:23

Kathmandu, 4 December, 2015 – National Committee Meeting of Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. The National committee had last met on July 2015in Kathmandu. The meeting was presided by Mr. Khila Nath Dahal, President of NTUC. Mr. Dahal welcomed the national committee members and other NTUC's officials to attend the meeting in such difficult time. Mr. Dahal explain the situation of country like as blockade of Nepal – India boarder and Trai protest and its effects on national. Mr.  Mahendra Pd. Yadav, General Secretary of NTUC also welcomed the national committee members and presented his organizing report. Mr. Yadav focused on NTUC activities in the past, and also provided a roadmap for its future activities. Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar, Treasurer of NTUC presented the financial report during the meeting. The national committee meeting discussed in the different agendas and urged the government of Nepal to solve current human crisis as soon as possible. Also urged to end the un-declared blockade at the Nepal – India boarder and solve the Trai protest as sson as possible by diplomatic way. Nepal has been gripped by a blockade in the country's south for the past two months, leading to acute shortages of fuel and medicine. During the meeting, National Committee members discussed each of the member their own views and district and regional situation and position. The meeting concluded on identifying the challenges and opportunities to organizing in grass root level and also developing a future action and position. All the senior leaders of NTUC attended the meeting and took part of all the decision. Note: - If you need to know about the decision please contact NTUC head office. 
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