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Industrial Relation & Labour Policies Seminar

Published Date: 2023-12-15

Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) was successfully concluded Industrial Relation & Labour Policies seminar on 14-15 December 2023 in Kathmandu with the support of Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF). Honorable Finace Minster, Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat and Mr. Kikuta Yutaka, Japanese Ambassador to Nepal was invited as a chef Guest and Special guest respectively in the opening ceremony of the seminar.More than 50 high level participants are participated in the seminar from the ANTUF, GEFONT & NTUC.

Honorable Minister said that trade unions and employers should solve each other's problems through continuous dialogue.He opined that both of them should understand each other and move forward as it is natural for the businessmen to have a big problem in the eyes of the businessmen and the labour problem in the eyes of the trade unions. He was addressing a two-day seminar on industrial relations and labour policy of Nepal Trade Union Congress that began on Thursday.

Minister Mahat said that the cost of production increases when transport, physical infrastructure and production materials are imported from outside. Although the cost has increased, productivity has not increased, so it is necessary to increase the capacity of the workers. If productivity increases, labor services will increase.

Stating that the economy would be vibrant as there was no problem in the economy now, he said the trade unions should be able to convey the message to all that trade unions are not a hindrance to industry. President of Nepal Trade Union Congress Yogendra Kumar Kunwar alleged that employers and the government were the obstacles in implementing the contribution-based social security scheme even though the Labour Act-2074 was brought with the theme of social security.

"We have some flexibility in labour law so that all workers fall under the ambit of social security based on contribution, but the employer is indifferent to implementing social security but is misusing some sections of the labour act to harass the workers," he said. Similarly, Kunwar claimed that the government was trying to dismantle the tripartite mechanism. He expressed serious objection to the removal of trade union federations with millions of workers from the board of directors of the Social Security Fund and bringing the owners of trade unions and banks with no basis.

Japanese Ambassador to Nepa, Rt. Kikuta Yutka said that although japan is facing some support due to the increase in the number of Nepali workers going to Japan after the corona epidemic, it would be important to create employment in Nepal by developing domestic industrial development for nepal's future. Executive Director of Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF) Toshiro Motobayashi said that Zilaf has been supporting industrial relations seminars, various skill training and running informal children's schools.

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Vice-President Jotsna Shrestha stressed the need for effective labour dialogue to improve labour relations. International Labour Organization (ILO) representative Solomon Rajbanshi said that although the labour law was very good, there were challenges in its implementation.

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