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National Youth Conference

Published Date: 2024-05-28

Nepal Trade Union Congress Central Youth Committee organized two-days National Youth Conference in Kathmandu on 27-28 May 2024 with the major slogan of Plan Youth Act Youth. The opening ceremony of the programme was chaired by Mr. Dipendra Sunar, President of the National Youth Committee. NTUC President Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar was the chief guest in the programme. NTUC immediate past Senior Vice President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretaries, Treasurer, central committee members, Presidents of the NTUC affiliates, President of the NTUC Bagmati Province Committee participated as the guests in the programme. Participants in the programme represented from various districts of the country. NTUC National Youth Committee Secretary was Master of Ceremony of the inauguration programme while Vice President delivered the welcome speech.

The objectives of the National Youth Conference is aimed to empower and equip youths with the knowledge necessary for active participation in the trade union movement. The conference focuses on raising awareness about the priorities of Nepal Trade Union Congress and the Youth Committee. Additionally, the conference also aimed at promoting networking and collaboration among young trade unionists, enabling them to share experiences and strategies. In short, the major objectives of the program were to:

  • Activate all the structures of youth committee
  • Provide opportunity to interact with Nepal Trade Union Congress leadership
  • Develop networking and collaboration
  • Prepare three-year action plan

NTUC Deputy General Secretary and Focal Person for the Solidarity Center Mr. Baldev Tamang highlighted on the objective of the programme. The summary of his remarks: We planned this activity for the NTUC youth. Youth are important everywhere and we are looking for the generation next. Youth Department was operational since its establishment which was institutionalized as Youth Committee later on. If we fail to attract youth in trade unions, labour rights cannot be protected. Therefore, proper action plan for organizing and mobilizing youth is necessary. We need to make a three-year plan covering areas such as leadership development, capacity building and skill development. There has been little attraction of youth but we should not think that that everything has gone worse. We need to clean the dirt under carpet, we need to raise the question but should not leave the situation as it is. Despite challenges, we need to work towards solution with positive vibes.

During the inauguration ceremony, NTUC leadership and representatives from affiliates expressed their best wishes for the success of the conference. 

Summary of the remarks from NTUC General Secretary Mr. Ajay Kumar Rai: We had planned to organize youth conference and carry forward the activities thus worked out with the objective of preparing a roadmap. Forward your action plan in the central committee. We have ensured youth representation through election and representation. The two days program will include different sessions on different contents. I suggest to consider two things: (a) how to integrate youth in the NTUC structure and (b) provide a roadmap on creating employment opportunities within the country for youths.

Summary of the remarks from Ms. Luna ranjit, Country Director, Solidarity Center: Solidarity Center is focusing its activities by establishing its office in Kathmandu for the two years. I am grateful for the opportunity to support this program. I expect that the issues on youth will be discussed well in these two days. No action will be successful without plan and no plan is useful without its implementation, so plan youth act youth will address both situations. Youth should be able to utilize their strength while taking advantages from the experiences of the adults.

Summary of the remarks from NTUC immediate past Senior Vice President Mr. Mahendra Prasad Yadav: There is no alternatives but to include them in the organization structure. The country is in the difficult situation as many youths are migrating in search of jobs. This conference is organized with certain objective and commitment. We need to adapt the changes brought by the technological advancements in the world. We need find out the number of youths who have been organized with us and then plan for scaling up of their involvement in NTUC. It is better to provide issue based intensive training to 20-25 youths and mobilize them for organizing and other activities. I am also ready to provide my mentorship.

Summary of remarks from NTUC Vice-President Ganesh KC: We were thinking of this kind of program to youth for some time. Youth activeness especially on involvement in trade union has decreased these days. We need to revitalize it. We also need to organize advance training for youth at province level. In particular, youth of this time does not believe in collective ideas as in the past. Youth activities should involve human-centered agenda to attract youths because they do not have interest in core political issues.

Summary of the remarks from NTUC President Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar: I thank you Solidarity Center for supporting our long-held objective of organizing youth conference and prepare action plan. The action plan prepared in this widely represented forum will be carried forward. We need to focus our priority on results. Though we all have the responsibilities, the youths will have more responsibilities once the action plan is prepared and you should be prepared for this. Three things i.e. organization formation, orientation and activation are most essentials for parts. It is not only on the trade unions but there has been gaps in social and political movement as a whole. We need to conduct motivational programs and it is of this kind. The first strategy to be made should focus on creating structures where we have not reached yet and activate them. The opportunity of having strength of youths have been utilized by other countries. Our economic activities, formal or informal, is being badly affected by the youth migration and it has posed a threat of being vacant not only villages and rural areas but also cities as well. We therefore need to scale up our efforts to create jobs in our own places and this program is also aimed at this. Youth needs to be creative, action oriented, risk bearing, productive, bear integrity and be of supportive nature. Youths should also intervene in nations affairs to give the way out of the current pity situation. Youths have enthusiasm and the adults have experiences. Both need to be integrated to achieve results. Youths should not only make grudges, instead they should reach that place and take appropriate decisions. Youths should also intervene to the NTUC leadership.

The inauguration ceremony of the program was concluded by the remarks from the Chair. Introduction of the participants followed inauguration ceremony.

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