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NTUC Observed International Domestic Workers Day

Published Date: 2024-06-16

Nepal Home Workers Union affiliated to Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) observed the International Domestic Workers day focusing on organizing massively, advocacy and lobbing for their rights at different level. Union officials are Committed in expanding their structure at the very beginning level to protect every rights of domestic workers and mainstream to them in the trade union movement as trade union is a family  of workers.

In a discussion program, NTUC Senior Vice President and Acting President Tejendrajung Karki stressed on gender balance and it's prospective because out of 27th affiliates union of NTUC, NHWU union mostly covered women workers but there is also plight of male co-workers. Highlighting workers characteristics, he said, wage, social protection, OSH, Child labour as well as social security are the major concerns for the union as they are known as an informal workers where is no any social security coverage. There is need of massive organizing campaign in the way of horizon order than vertical way, he concluded.

The program special guest, Ms. Bina Thapa (Kunwar) ILO- Kathamndu, Senior Program Officer presented a paper on ILO Convention no. 189 and its recommendation relevancy and its importance. Analyzing different prospects of the convention and its recommendation, she added why it's very crucial for us for the promotion of decent work and promoting fundamental principle and rights at the work.

In the program NTUC General Secretary, Mr. Ajay Kumar Rai focused the day and its importance as NTUC put its yearly calendar of the organization to celebrate the day. Union is a movement and voices of voiceless. In the program, NHWU General Secretary, Ms. Sujata Ghimire (Regmi) presented union activities, its objective and strategy for the future. In the program NTUC high officials, HWU officials and more than 70 union members were presented and interacted. The program was chaired by union president Ms. Rajkali Singh Thakuri, President.  

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