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NTUC representatives and IndustriALL delegates discussion held at NTUC central Office

Published Date: 04/21/2017

NTUC representatives and IndustriALL delegates discussion held at NTUC central Office

April 20, 2017, Kathmandu.

The Discussion between Nepal Trade Union Congress representatives and delegates of IndustriALL successfully held at Nepal Trade Union Congress Central Office Anamnagar, Kathmandu. NTUC President Mr. Khila Nath Dahal, Vice-President Mr. Ganesh Prasad Niraula, President of Nepal Factory Workers Union Mr. Dhirendra Singh, President of Nepal Embroidery, Handicraft, Sewing and Knitting Workers Union Mr. Tej Prasad Rijal and General Seretary of Nepal Garment Workers Union Mr. Indra Raj Kandel were the representatives from Nepal Trade Union Congress whereas, Ms. Armelle Seby who looks after the gender issues of IndustriALL and Mr. Prabin Rao who is the Project Coordinator of IndustriALL South Asia Region were the delegates from IndustriALL.

The discussion program prior area was precarious work which means to address the workers of informal sector. Mr. Dahal explained about NTUC and its structure. He also gave gratitude and vote of thanks to the delegates of IndustriALL for paying a visit. Similarly, Mr Ganesh Prasad Niraula lauded the official memebership between Nepal Trade Union Congress and IndustriALL. He also vowed to take this relationship for the welfare of Labour and the prolific growth of the country.

Likewise, Ms. Seby explained the project of the visit. Precarious ork project is going on in Srilanka, Pakistan and India, we are here to analysis the situation and assessment about the informal sectors, she added. She also replied if the proposal is accepeted by the donor then the project will likely start at the beginning of 2017 or the start of 2018. Also, Mr. Rao put effort to clear the misconception of precarious work and the intended project.

Accordingly, Mr. Singh, Mr. Rijal and Mr. Kandel respectively provided the intrduction of their workers Union. They also described the category, structure, working mechanisms, power disintegration into the grass roots level, the proccess of structural reform as newly implemented federal system. They also dessiminated the ratio of women, man in the organsization.

In the end, the discussion program was able to brief about the precarious work project and the sectors like manufactoring, production and finished products workers. They also gave verdict that the project will directly benefit to the informal types of workers and the issues of organizing contract workers and informal workers in the union will be prominent for the Union.







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