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The founder chairman of the Nepal Trade Union Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala organized workers in Biratnagar Mills Area and established Nepal Mazdoor Sangh on 4th March 1947 to raise voice for rights to organize, increase of wages, improvement in working conditions, and suitable provision of housing for the workers. That movement is recognized as the fi rst labour movement in Nepal. That movement holds a special place in the democratic movement in Nepal as it brought awareness among the general workers and was instrumental to the benefit of the working class that was essential to the success of the democratic movement of 1951. After the political transformation of 1990, the Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) was reestablished on 29th May 1990 and this was in the frontlines and played a crucial role for the success of the People’s General Movement in 1990 and later again in 2005. Nepal Trade Union Congress has been conducting various organizational activities to uplift the economic, political and social status of the workers through collective bargaining while remaining committed to the principles of Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism. The 7th National Convention of Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) was held between19-21 June 2023. The NTUC unites workers in the service, production, informal and self-employment sectors and has been working towards the social security, dignity of labour, women & youth empowerment to strengthen the entire Trade Union Movement. In the Nepalese context, NTUC has been actively campaigning in the issues such as the guarantee of social dialogue and the representation and participation of workers in all three levels of the governments. NTUC is affiliated with ITUC since its establishment.


Building a prosperous nation based on social justice through organized workforce.


Nepal Trade Union Congress will be at the forefront to raise the living standard of the workers for sustainable development by cooperating with stakeholders to ensure dignified work while remaining committed to democratic socialism.


  • To remain active for the institutional development and permanentness of the Federal Democratic Republic based on pluralism. ­
  • To work relentless for the agendas of World Peace, Trade Union Rights, Press Freedom, Collective Bargaining and Environmental Conservation. ­
  • To protect and promote the political, economic, social as well as professional rights of the workers. ­
  • To organize all workers in the formal, informal, and self-employment sectors. ­
  • To be proactive for the development of harmonious industrial relationships. ­
  • To work for capacity building of youth and women. ­
  • To work to ensure representation of workers in the policy formulation and decision making mechanisms of the country. ­
  • To be active for guarantee of social security, decent work, social, economic & political justice for all. ­
  • To work for the safety, rights and dignified workplace for migrant workers. ­
  • To study and research on the diversified aspects related to the labour sector.

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