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Migration has become serious topic these days. Nearly 3 to 4 million Nepalese Migrant Workers are working abroad. To address the issues of Migrant Workers, Nepal Trade Union Congress has established a separate Migration Desk, Migration Cell and Department which has been planning, organizing, conducting and implementing various programs and activities related to migration. Also, under the joint coordination of Nepal Trade Union Congress and ILO, "Program to uphold Rights of Nepalese Migrant Workers and Reduce Vulnerability to Forced Labour and Human Trafficking" project is ongoing in Ilam.

Following are the activity that has been conducted and in operation in Ilam:

  • Orientation and planning meeting of NTUC in Kathmandu (3-4 hrs)
  • NTUC has organized a Work in Freedom Programme orientation and Planning meeting  for conceptual clarity among the team and their expected role for effective delivery of the project
  • The NTUC has invited members of central level Migration Desk, head of domestic workers’ union, and other concerned department heads (about 10-15 persons) to attend the meeting.
  • The NTUC has established communication, technical support and monitoring mechanisms with NTUC Ilam for quality delivery of services and in order to meet reporting requirement of the ILO.


Victims of 9 Qatar migrant worker case in Nepal

Government of Nepal on 2073 officially declared free ticket and free visa for the Nepalese migrant worker. Up to 22.5% remittance importing countries potential migrating workers is excited about the new reform in Foreign Employment. But there is an implementation constraint that is still rampant in most of the overseas, manpower and travel agencies.


On the date 2073/1/21 9 victims who were belie by the Pandorain Corporation Pvt Manpower Company came for seeking help and support via Mohammed Kurdish Miya (A member of Nepal Trade Union Congress).  Wasid Miya, Mohan Warai, Zumrat Miya, from Ward no.2 and Sahamad Aalam from Ward no. 4 of Kadmah V.D.C of Morang and Sunsari district provided a sum total of Nrs. 4,30,000: 86,000 per person. Similarly, Ranjit Mandal, Domai Chaudhary, Binod Thakur from Ward no. 3 of same V.D.C and district and Nausad Aalam from Ward no. 7 of Narsingh V.D.C of Sunsari district provided sum total of Nrs. 3,20,000: 80,000 per person.


An agent name Sabin Rai, A permanent resident of Khotang district and a temporary dweller from Nayabasti Kathmandu actively worked for the accused manpower. After being able to collect money from the workers, Manpower Company has denied that the agent is unknown to the company and is continuously blaming for the gullible nature of the workers. Threats, warning, coercion and racial abuse, holding of the 9 passport (of which 5 lost) were some behavioral misconduct done by the manpower in the time being. Even after the philanthropic pledge by the workers like the amount paid for the foreign employment were from the collateral land and selling of house and personal property, the manpower supervisor Mr. Ishwor Bhandari reflected obdurate nature.


As a result, under the initiation of Nepal Trade Union Congress Migration Cell assistant coordinator Sitaram Khatri, Mohammed Kurdish Miya and Ishwor Bhandari a consensus was made on 2073/1/24. At which, 5 people will be sent within 15 days and 4 of the people will be sent in 45 days and if the agreement is not followed then will be ready to take penalty according to the Foreign Employment Act 2064. Additionally, there won't be any charges from the victims.


Moreover, till date 5 people have been working in Qatar as sent from the Manpower Company. Apart from this, the people were instructed to pay for medical checkup charge, air fare, and also delaying in the monthly salary payment were still the complaints received. Correspondingly, as mentioned they have not been able to send the 4 people. Out of 4, 1 was misled by them and were taken fee and sent secretly. And rest of the 3 people is still facing perfunctory dismal of the postponed date that has been providing by the manpower.


On the whole, the effort of regular consensus between the manpower and Nepal Trade Union Congress Migration Cell occurred. Even though, the manpower company prevaricated every time and were seen irresponsible. The supervisor of the company ignored the call and has postponed the date whenever the migration cell officer tried to follow the consensus.  As the 3 people have adversity economic condition, Nepal Trade Union Congress step forward and registered 14851 case no. in Department of Foreign Employment Board and International Relation and Labour committee of Constitution assembly also stayed as reference.


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