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NTUC Rally program concluded on the International Labour Day

Published Date: 05/02/2017

NTUC Rally program concluded on the International Labour Day

May 2, 2017, Kathmandu.

On the Ocassion of International labour Day, Nepal Trade Union Congress organized Rally from Bhadrakali to Bhaktpur bus park, Kathmandu. Weather remained the constraint as the heavy rain scattered the labour group during whole demonstration. Amid the severe rain, the workers from 25 affiliated national Union seen desperate about their agendas and were able to attract the attention of the public. The program was chaired by NTUC President Mr. Khila Nath Dahal. Honorable Suryaman Gurung, Minister for Labour and Employment was the Chief Guest of the program. Likewise, the special guest were, Honorable Puskar Acharya-MP and senior leader of NTUC, Mr. Andrea Kiekens-General Secretary of WSM from Belgium, Mr. Richard Howard-Director General of ILO counrty offfice Nepal, Mr. Ganesh Niraula-Vice president of NTUC, Ms. Rama Poudel- women vice president of NTUC, Mr. Ayodhya Prasad Yadav-vice president of NTUC. Similarly, Representatives and members of 25 affiliates union, districts and central member of NTUC were also present during the program.

Mr. Gurung made promise that the Labour law bill will be presented soon in the parliament and also said that it ill be amended soon. He also stressed that, there are discussion, meeting going on with the Trade Union, FNCCI and concerned stakeholders. Also, Mr. Dahal told that whatever will be the consequence we are desperate and will always vouch for the labour right related issues. Similarly, Mr. Acharya mentioned to be succint and come to the main agendas of Labour. He also mentioned that it will be regardless to elongate the speech in this kind of weather. Furthermore, Mr. Andrea expressed deep attention of the rally besides the weather being crucial factor. He vowed continuous to NTUC and will always wish to work in the upcoming future as well. Likewise, Mr. Howard told that its an honor to be in the podium and address the crowd. He also wished to work accordingly with NTUC for the rights of labour and its issues.

Apart form this, the program was presented by Mahendra Prasad Yadav- NTUC general Secretary. Mr Ajay Kumar Rai, President of Nepal Transport Assoication Union gave the welcome speech. He said that all workers and labour must be united and will struggle for the rights. Mr. Yogendra Kunwar, treasurer of NTUC addressed the crowd and told that it will be never over, we have to always advocate for our rights and NTUC is the meduim that will hep in this kind of process. Likewise, Mr. Niraula retorted the intolerance of memeber of constitution. He said that they can easily pass allowance bill for themself but will feel hesitate to amend the labour bill. Its  shame that they forget that they have been taking the facility form the tax of the workers.

The program was delighted with the cultural show and the some dance. one minute memory for the workers who died in the struggle fot labour right was also observeddd in the labour program.


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