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NTUC celebrated

Published Date: 12/19/2017

NTUC celebrated "66th International Migration Day"

On the occasion of "66th International Migration Day", Nepal Trade Union Congress Organized public awareness related Resource distribution Campaign at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal. The chief guest of the campaign was Senior Vicce president of Nepal Trade Union Congress Mr. Ramjee Kunwar. Similarly, Vice president Mr. Ganesh Niraula, Vice-President Mr. Bam Bahadur D.C, General Secretary Mr. Mahendra Prasad Yadav, Deputy general secretary and coordinator of Migration department Mr. Sanjay Mishra, Treasurer Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar also attended the campaign. Likewise, representatives from several affiliate union, departments and coordinator of NTUC province no.3 Mr. Binod Karki also took part in the event.

Chief guest kunwar formally started the campaign by providing the resource materials to Mr. Habib Ullah Ansari from Mahottari and Garari Das from Saptari, both migrating towards foreign employment for Malaysia. He said that in order to improve the foreign employment, government must create opportunity of job inside the country. Also, Coordinator of Nepal Trade Union Congress Migration Department, Mr. Sanjay Mishra forwarded the informative documents to the migrant worker and also explained about the campaign whose sole benefactors will be the people travelling abroad for the employment.

In the meantime, Vice president Ganesh Prasad Niraula stressed deep concern about the recent trend of migration and problems in it. "We are for the workers and will also look after the migrant workers if any problems occured". he added. Also, Vice president Bam Bahadur D.C. said that government has always promoted the foreign employment in order to make it decent and more secure. Likewise, General secretary of NTUC Mr. Mahendra Prasad yadav told that Nepal Trade Union Congress has established seperate NTUC Migration Department and Migration Cell in order extend and look after the issues of migration and support in a legal way. Similarly, NTUC treasurer Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar said that we have been conducting the events, program, campaign focused to migrant workers. "Any kinds of support specialized to migration has been a prior focus of NTUC now days", he stressed. 

The main objective of the campaign was to distribute the informational resource to the migrant worker. The resource materials comprised of the support from NTUC and also from the different organization including ILO, BWI, CAWUN and so on. In the resource material the basic information, rules, regulation, culture, life style were included. Those general ideas were put in order to make migrant worker aware and careful during the residence and workplace. Many people were advocated and educated during their departure period. The volunteer were seen active and the targeted group were also satisfied as the program was in the countries one and only Foreign Exit and Entry point via air.

More than 2,000 people were directly benefited from the campaign and about 10,000 people were estimated indirectly patron from the program. The program was faciliated by NTUC migration cell sub-coordinator Mr. Sitaram Khatri. The documents, brochure were distributed by the volunteers who were from Nepal Beautican Union, Nepal Custom and allied Workers Union, Nepal Riksaw and Pullers' Union, Nepal Embroery, Handicraft,Sewing and Knitting Workers Union, Nepal Home Based Workers Union, Nepal Garment Workers Union, Construction and Workers Union Nepal and so on. The campaign covered most of the flight boarding from 10 am to 7 pm.

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