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Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully Concludes 6th National Convention

Published Date: 06/18/2018

Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully Concludes 6th National Convention

June 18, 2018, Kathmandu

Nepal Trade Union Congress Successfully concluded its 6th convvetion here at kathmanu, Nepal. The program was scheduled to be conducted from june12-june 14 but due to some technical problem, it has elongated for 1 day upto June 15, 2018. The program was chaired by Nepal Trade Union Congress President Mr Khila Nath Dahal and the chief guest of the program was Nepali Congress Party President and former Prime minister of Nepal Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba. During the program the major invitees were NTUC district representatives, NTUC province representatives, representatives from 25 affiliates union.

The program was honored by the special guest as Ram Chandra Poudel, Senior Leader, Nepali Congress, Bimalendra Nidhi, Vice President of Nepali Congress, Shasank Koirala, General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Purna Bahadur Khadka of General Secretary, Nepali Congress, Prakash Man Singh, Former General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Former General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Gagan Thapa, Central Member of Nepali Congress, Bishwo Prakash Sharma, Central Member & Spokesperson of Nepali Congress, Mr. Mamadou Diallo, Deputy General Secretary of International Trade Union Council -ITUC_ Brussels, Belgium, Mr. Shoya Yoshida, General Secretary of International Trade Union Council-Asia Pacific -TUC-AP_, Singapore, Mr. Laxman Basnet, Former President, NTUC & General Secretary, SARTUC. Likewise the guest during the program were Mr. Ryo Saito, General Secretary of JILAF, Mr. Richard Howard, Director for ILO Nepal Office, Ms. Annette Swclicht, Resident of Representative of FES Nepal Office, Mr. Harbhajan Singh, General Secretary of  HMS, Ms. Ana Liza U. Valencia, Program Officer of LO-FTF, Mr. Mahendra Sharma, Representative of  HMS and Former Regional Secretary of ITF, Mr. Michiel Al Trade Union Official of FNV, Mr.Rajendra Acharya, Assistant Regional Secretary of UNI, Mr. Bruno Deceukelie, Program Officer of WSM, Mr. Prabhu Rajendran, Program Officer of FNV, Mr. Channdra Dev Bhatta, Program Officer of  FES Nepal Office, Mr.Laxman Shahi, Country Representative of JILAF for Nepal, Mr.Krishma Sharma, Program Officer of Solidarity Center for Nepal, Mr.Bishwanath Pyakurel, President of JTUCC, Mr. Binod Sharestha, President of GEFONT, Mr.Ganesh Prasad Regmi, President of ANTUF, Mr.Indra Deo Mishra, President  of  INTUC, Mr.Nawaraj Dahal, President of NDECONT I, Mr.ChiragMan Singh Kunwar, President of NDEFONT, Mr.Paltan Thakur, President of MTUC, Mr.Rameshwor Shrestha, General Secretary of NDECONT, Mr.Bhawani Rana, President of FNCCI, Hari Bhakta Upadhyay, President of CNI, Uma Regmi, President of Nepal Mahila Sangh, Sambhu Hajar, President of Nepal Dalit Sangh, Jit Jung Basnet, President of Nepal Tarun Dal, Nain Singh Mahar, President of Nepal Student Union (NBU), Mohammed Abdul Satar, President of Nepal Muslim Sangh, Bhanu Sigdel, President of Nepal Farmer Union, Puskar Aacharya, Senior Leader, Nepal Trade Union Congress, Ramji Kunwar, Senior Vice-President of Nepal Trade Union Congress.

The program was presented by Nepal Trade Union Congress General Secretary Mr. Mahendra Prasad Yadav. During the inaugural session, everyone did 1 min of exceptions in the memory of known and unknown martyr, presented people shouted louded national anthem. Mr. Ramji Kunwar, Senior vice president of Nepal Trade Union Congress welcomed every guest, media, affiliates, district, province and volunteers of the program. Later people saw the peackcock dance with the background of Labour and Solidarity Song. Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba light the lamp(panas) and inaugurated the program. 

Likewise, Fraternal greeting/ Remarks was proided by Ms. Bimala Gaire from informal/self employed sector, Mr. Deepak Tamang of Production sector, Mr. Rajendra Poudel from Service Sector, Mr. Binod Karki on behalf of Province no 3 Chairperson, Ms. Rama Poudel from Women, Mr. Ganesh prasad Niroula as Vice president of NTUC, Mr. Bharat Kharel from Democratic Lawyer Association, president, Mr. Puskar Aacharya as a senior leader of NTUC and Mr. Bishwonath Pyakurel from JTUCC President and CONEP. They all applaud the practicce and NTUC has conttibuted for the labour rights. They all wishes NTUC to successfully conclude the 6th convention.

Likewise, Chairman of the program Mr. Khila Nath Dahal said that NTUC has been regularly vouching for the rights and responsibility of Labour all over the Nation. They are success to pressure government to draft contribution based social security bill. Also, Chief guest Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba urge everyone to coordinate and go along with the coalition between the seen fragmented pannel in the organization. Accordingly, Mr. Ramchandra Poudel told that this organization has been able to address the issue of labour. He also said there is a need for unity for all democratic faith people. Therefore its time to work together. Also, Krishna Prasad Sitoula added that NTUC have to provide the medicine to work together. We are also hoping to get suggetion, he chocked. Furthermore, Shasank koirala, Gagan Thapa, Bishwo Prakash Sharma all argue NTUC to increase the number of the workers and expand the organization more effectively to be an active organization of Nepali congress and gain respect. The program also went through the voteing system and dissolve the previous working committee by election committee.

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