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Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully held National Committee meeting

Published Date: 29/11/2018

Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully held National Committee meeting

29 November, 2018, Bhaktapur.

Nepal Trade Union Congress held first National Committee Meeting after the 6th General Convention. The interactive meeting was held at Bhaktapur, Bode from 26th to 29th November, 2018. The 3 day meeting was chaired by Nepal Trade Union Congress President Bro. Pushkar Acharya and was presented by Nepal Trade Union Congress General Secretary Bro. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar.

The Participants of the program were National Committee member of Nepal Trade Union Congress.Khila Nath Dahal Immediate Past President, Mahendra Prasad Yadav Senior Vice -President, Tejendra Jung Karkee Vice -President, Ajay Kumar Rai Vice -President, Indira Sapkota Women Vice-President, Lalit Shrestha Vice -President (Production), Asha Singh Rathor Vice -President (Informal), Netra Bikram Thapa Vice -President (Service), Ganesh Bahadur K.C Deputy General Secretary, Joyti Koirala Deputy General Secretary, Radhika Kuinkel Deputy General Secretary (Women), Sitaram Aawasthi Deputy General Secretary (service), Ishwor Bahadur Pariyar Deputy General Secretary (Production), Rajesh Palikhe Deputy General Secretary (Informal), Mohan kumar Basnet Treasurer, Sushila Ghimire Sub - Treasurer, Dhurba Chandra Gautam Member, Baldev Tamang Member, Laxman Bhattrai Member, Janak Raj Pandey Member, Kul Bahadur Khadka Member, Birendra Kumar Shah Member, Durga Datta Acharya Member, Sanjay Kumar Dahal Member, Laxmi K.C, Member (Women), Sarawoti Dhungana Member (Women), Bala Thapa Member (Women), Nilam Lekhak Joshi Member (Women), Kamala Devi Khanal Member (Women), Urmila Kumari Dhakal Pokharel Member (Women), Rahsa Maya Gurung Member (Women), Punya Prasad Bhattarai Member (Service), Dev Datta Badu Member (Service), Anita Mandal Member (Women), Madhav Upadhyay Member (Production), Chandan Jha Member (Production Women), Keshav Bahadur K.C Member (Production), Jit Bahadur Gurung Member (Informal), Udahav Baniya Member (Informal), Sudha Dahal President -Women Committee, Sundar Kandel Acting President -Youth Committee, Narayan Babu Karki President - Province No-1, Ghanshyam Chpagain Acting President - Province No-3, Laxman Prasad Kurmi President - Province No-2, Siddha Raj Bhatta President - Province No-7, Mukunda Adhikary President - Province No-5, Murari Sharma President - Province No-4, Gopal Krishna Giri President - Province No-6  and President from 26  respective national affiliates union.

During the Day 1, the introduction program of the participants took place which was followed by the brief report of province committee and affiliates union. The committee also expressed letter of appreciation to Nepali Trade Unionist premier from Nepal Transport Workers Union (NETWON) Brother Ajay Kumar Rai who is elected as an Executive Board member of International Transport Workers' federation and also as a Vice chair of Road Section in A/P region in the ITF. In the eve of the first day, General secretary Bro. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar voiced organizational report of Nepal Trade Union Congress and Bro. Mohan Kumar Basnet, Treasurer of Nepal Trade Union Congress echoed the financial report of the organization.

Likewise, The Day 2 of meeting started with the feedbacks, critics and comments of reports presented by GS and Treasurer. The committee later on tabled the agendas that was declared and discussed by Working Committee and was put in the process to pass. The agendas of working committee got fractioned in the mean time and the leaders gave their ethics and vote regarding the statements. Chairman of the Program Brother Pushkar Acharya facilitated and negotiated the agendas as the leaders had conflict. Brother Pushkar Acharya was also busy in the great achievements i.e. the process of implementation of social security act day was declared at November 27, 2018.

Meanwhile in the Day 3, the technical session took place. Dr. Nirmal Bista facilitated the session. He brainstorm some established status of NTUC organization such as vision, mission and goals. The leaders who already set the vision, mission and goals provided the feedbacks and was kept in the process of revision. The session was to and fro, the participants expressed their views and ideas. Dr. Bista also took strategic planning meeting. There was a session of group presentation that decided the 4 yr strategic plan of Nepal Trade Union Congress.

At the end, The 3 day long program was concluded by Bro. Pushkar Acharya. He urged that NTUC is a democratic organization and it will always work in line with its constitution and he also request all to support NTUC and work for the rights of workers. 80 participants applauded the conclusion session and the meeting was formally closed.


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