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Nepal Trade Union Congress Successfully its first National Council

Published Date: 2019-11-26

Nepal Trade Union Congress Successfully its first National Council

25th November, Kathmandu.

Nepal Trade Union Congress held its first National Council after 6th National Convention at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, Kathmandu. The meeting also included symposium program titled " Symposium on Trade Union Response on Future of Work". 2 Day meeting program was chaired by NTUC president Brother Pushkar Acharya.

The symposium started at the first day during 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. First session was Coordinated by NTUC General Secretary Brother Ganesh K.C. Panel members were Representatives of Government fo Nepal, Country Director FES Nepal, IPP Khila Nath Dahal, Representatives of CNI. "Future of Work & Trade Unions' Response" a paper was presented by Dr. Bishwo Paudel, Advisor, ILO, Nepal. The session was moderated by Socialist Mr. Hari Sharma

Similarly, Mr. Arjun Kumar Gautam expert of social security presented the paper on " Contribution based social security & Challenges for implementtion". Mr. Laxman Bahadur Basnet, General Secretary of SARTUC, Representatives of FNCCI, Mr. Kapilmani Gyawali, CEO, Social Security Fund and representative of ILO. The session was moderated by Dr. Ram Prasad Ghimire, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Social Security Nepal Government. The session was coordinated by Brother Yogendra Kumar Kunwar, General Secretary of NTUC.

Likewise, The opening session Of NTUC excelled with huge number of Participants around its structure from Federal, Province, Districts, 26 Affiliates union and local level. The chief guest of the program was Chairman of Nepali Congress and Past Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and Special Guest of the Program was Nepali Congress Senior Leader Ram Chandra Poudel.

Also, the special guest of the program were Mr. Shoya Yosida, Regional Secretary, ITUC-AP, Mr. Binod K.C, Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Mr. Jeroen Beimaet, Director, Human & Trade Union Rights, ITUC Brussels. Accordingly, the guest during the session were Bro. Laxman Bahadur Basnet, General Secretary, SARTUC, Bro. Khila Nath Dahal, Immediate Past President, NTUC, Mr. Richard Howard, Director, ILO Nepal Office, Ms Silvana Cappuccio, CGIL Italy, ILO Governing Body Member, Mr. Ambet Yuson, General Secretary, BWI, Mr. Christopher Ang, Regional Secretary, UNI-APRO, Mr. Binod Shrestha, President, JTUCC, Mr. Chandra Dhakal, Vice-President, FNCCI, Rajesh Agrawal, President, CNI, Mr. Sangam Tripathi, Asst. Regional Secretary ITF, Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Program Officer, BWI, Mr. Toshihiro Motobayashi, JTUC-RENGO, Director of International Affairs, Mr. Raman Kannan, Sub Regional Secretary of PSI, South Asia, Ms. Samira Poudel, FES Representative, Mr. Mohan Kattuwal, vice president, confederation of small and home based industry, Mr. Sanat K.C, Director, Labour and Organizational safety and helath department, Mr. Jagat Simkhada, Acting president, ANTUF, Mr. Bruno Deceukelier, WSM Belgium, Asia Coordinator, Mr. Sharan K.C, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, Australia Program Coordinator, Mr. Prabhu Rajendran, FNV Netherland, Mr. Laxman Shahi, JILAF, Mr. Himalaya Kharel, IndustriALL, Ms. Krishma Sharma, Solidarity Center and President of JTUCC aafiliated national unions, advisors of NTUC, President of NTUC Province, district and affiliates unions were present during the program.

The program started by providing nepali attire to the guest. Play cards demonstrating "we are NTUC" and "we are ITUC" presented to the guests. Welcome speech was given by Senior- Vice President of NTUC, Bro Mahendra Prasad Yadav. Likewsie, 1 minute slient stanfding ovation was given for the memory of labour movement demised martyr and their family. Chief guest Sher Bahadur deuba provided appreciation letter to Christopher Ng, Regional Secretary of UNI-APRO for his dedicated work. He also gave thanks by his speech which was followed letter on.

Similarly, Welcome speech was provided by Amrit lal Joshi, President of Nepal Factory Workers Union, Ramjee Ghimire, President of HEPON, J.B. Gurung, President of CAWUN. NTUC apps was inaugurated by chief guest which is available now in android appstore was also shown in conitunous time interval.

On the behalf of Guest, appreciation speech was given by Mr. Bruno Deceukelier, WSM, Mr. Sangam Tripathi, Asst Regional Secretary, ITF Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, Vice-president, CNI, Mr. Chandra Dhakal, Vice-president, FNCCI, Mr. Binod Shrestha, President of Gefont, Mr. Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary, Mr. Richard Howard, Director, ILO Nepal Office, Khila Nath Dahal, Immediate Past President, NTUC, Mr. Laxman Bahadur Basnet, General Secretary, SARTUC.

Felication was handed to Dirgha Bahadur K.C. and Chatur Bahadur Chand for being elected as member of Olympic committee, Nepal and President of CAN respectively.

Likewise, Senior Leader of Nepali Congress, Mr. Ram Chandra Poudel and financial assistance was provided to the wife of belated NTUC province no. 3 president Binod Karki. The program was inaugurated by Chief Guest Sher Bahadur Deuba, Appreciation speech was given by NTUC women vice presient, Ms. Indira Sadaula. The oppening session was concluded by Chairperson of the program Pushkar Acharya.

The second day of the council started with the registration and distributing the badges to the participants from NTUC central member, Provinces, Districts, Affiliated union and vigilitator.

Brother Yogendra Kumar Kunwar, General Secretary and Mohan Kumar Basnet, Treasurer of NTUC presented Organizational and financial report respectively. Participants later on provided feedbacks, comments, suggestions.

NTUC staff bylaws, Women and Youths Regulations and other agendas was presented by representatives of NTUC.

President Pushkar Acharya concluded the two day program with the assurance to take and keep the feedback, suggetions and comments into the NTUC future workplan and functioning.

More than 1300 people attended the program which was widely broadcasted and covered in national media and papers.

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