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President of NTUC became president of JTUCC

Published Date: 2019-12-29

President of NTUC became president of JTUCC

28th December, Kathmandu,

Nepal Trade Union President Brother Pushkar Acharya became president of Joint Trade Union Coordination Centre (JTUCC). He succeeded Brother Binod Shrestha, president of Gefont from December, 2018 to December, 2019. Brother Acharya will be on the Coordination Center from 29th December, 2019 to 28th December, 2020. 

The responsibility handover ceremony was organized by JTUCC on the occassion of JTUCC labour Council. JTUCC is a Joint Trade Union Coordination Center consisting of 10 national level trade unions and is also an legitimate forum of coordinating with stakeholders like governments, employers.

"I will continue the issues that was raised by JTUCC previously, moreover, Social Security Act implementation will the key concern. Brother, Acharya stressed. Representatives from 10 national trade unions and their members participated during 1 day ceremony. More than 1000 spectators were present in the program.

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